When marketing a new property development, you can choose from a huge range of media to connect with your target audience. The most savvy developers will now produce high-quality video advertising, viewed as snippets in Google ads or Facebook, to draw people to their website.

In the crowded off-the-plan apartment market, your website and its associated content is a virtual shop front for your property development. Successful property marketing can make a huge difference in how buyers connect with your development and eventually go on to choose your product over the many others on offer.

As negative reports of poor-quality apartment developments come to light, buyers are understandably wary of buying off-the-plan. This, combined with the fact that the apartment development market is increasingly crowded across major cities, means that a development really needs to stand out and convince potential buyers that their investment is sound.

Talking about the unique local amenities, history and community of an area can be reassuring to potential buyers as a reminder that they are buying more than just an apartment, they are investing in a particular lifestyle and location.

“Video interviews with people who live and work in the area lend authenticity”

Creating a ‘story’ around the entire lifestyle on offer – not just the apartments – is also key to generating buyer interest and creating a buzz around your property development. Video content is key to this storytelling, as it delivers animated scenes, providing a clear picture of something that has not yet been built but, thanks to technology, can be seen.

Another element that draws people to a website is video that features people. This may be a testimonial from someone on the project, such as an architect or developer. Plus video interviews with people who live and work in the area can lend authenticity too. They also provide an insight into what buyers can expect in terms of their lifestyle and neighbours, so ideally the people in the interviews will be similar to the target demographic.

Case study: The East End development in Newcastle.

Newcastle has a strong cultural identity, similar to Melbourne, and the marketing of the new East End Development speaks to that. This masterplan for the revitalisation of the historic centre encompasses architect-designed retail, residential, commercial and community spaces, and high quality video is used to create a story around this development.

Naming it East End cleverly recalls East London and the burgeoning arts and cultural scene there, and interviews with creative professionals on the website further develops the ‘story’.

“Telling a ‘story’ around the lifestyle on offer is key to generating interest”

Importantly, there is more to this story than just a few glamorous apartment interiors. Here, the focus is not just on the apartment developments, but on the city of Newcastle itself – its history, its revived centre and the people who live here.

This creates a sense that this is more than an apartment development - it’s an investment in a lifestyle and a growing city.

Where does video marketing fit in?

Unlike the more familiar story of a glut of new apartment buildings across Australian cities, built quickly and with little relationship to the surrounding area, the focus here is on the area’s heritage as well as its future.

The development is intended to integrate with the existing community and this is made clear throughout the website’s marketing, which includes an interview with Sam Arnaout, the CEO of the project’s developer, Iris Capital.

We also see interviews with successful local business owners and artists, talking about their experience of living in Newcastle. They are people who are similar to those that might buy here, and reflect an artistic, educated demographic. Alongside these interviews, we see aspirational glimpses into the city’s bookshops, cafes and even yoga studios and art galleries. Importantly, all the interviewees are positive about the upcoming property development, which creates a sense of newcomers being welcome.

The development also incorporates retail and hospitality, and this is celebrated across the website, with a focus on the convenience and great lifestyle these elements will give to residents, looking for an urban lifestyle in an up-and-coming city.

There is a clear message throughout that this development will celebrate and respect what is already there, as much as it introduces something new.

Ultimately, this is a sophisticated marketing package that draws on the city’s heritage and people to create a ‘story’ about their new development – offering something specific and unique to Newcastle.

Drawing visitors to the property development website

When people get to this website, they are going to be impressed by what is on offer. But how do you lure them there? Increasingly, video is used to speak to potential customers, and the video footage on the East End Newcastle website has been edited into snippets and made available on through both Google or Facebook advertising.


This means that people are drawn into the ‘story’ via either Google search or social media platforms, where in either ‘search’ or relaxed ‘browsing’ mode they come across a video and are then drawn to the property website.

This lead tactic then prompts people to complete the enquiry form, after which they can then be retargeted with follow up ads from the video series.

Setting up a series of videos is a straightforward process on Facebook and is increasingly used by advertisers to draw customers to lead generation websites. It’s an exciting new way to build awareness of new developments, and by offering potential buyers a carefully edited picture of what is on offer, creating a sense of excitement and leading to a sale.

Ultimately, East End Newcastle’s website is a polished example of how you can get people talking about a new development by creating appealing video and other content. There’s a sense of excitement around the gentrification and investment in Newcastle, which is going to resonate with people who are looking for a new home.

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Mark Cairns, General Manager

Mark Cairns, General Manager

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