Video is fast becoming the most important aspect when marketing a property – more important than photos, floor plans or suburb profiles – which is backed up by the stat that listings with videos receive 403% more enquires than those without.

We've already spoken about why avoiding video marketing is no longer an option, but there's still a huge gap between creating videos and creating great videos. What do you need to know to make sure you're spending your money wisely?

“Essentially it's a communication tool; it's a way to either create higher engagement or awareness." Renece Brewster, Visual Domain.


Making your videos stand out

When real estate agents began using videos in their listings, they were often little more than a novelty; a feature that they could use to stand out from the competition, but these early videos had little direction or purpose. As time has gone on, the quality has increased dramatically and it's important now not just to have a video, but one that markets your property effectively.

Renece Brewster, the owner of Visual Domain, has a decade of experience creating real estate videos. "It's become much more of a standard thing with the property itself, as a tool to deeper engage and create more of an emotive response."

Learn a little more about Visual Domain, by watching their video story:

How to find a great video company

To get the most effective videos, you need to find a professional to work with. There's a huge number of talented video companies and freelancers out there, and knowing what to look for will help you when you want to hire someone. Looking at portfolios is one of the best methods, as the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Other things like referrals, testimonials and awards can all point towards a great videomaker, but that's not always necessarily enough.

Renece says, "Sometimes you find a really good videographer who's really creative, who's got endless talent and skills, but what they lack is the ability to understand the purpose of what the video is for. Essentially it's a communication tool; it's a way to either create higher engagement or awareness."

Ask the right questions

Once you've found someone you think you might want to work with, it's important to ask a few questions to find out if they'd be a good fit.

“If you give an amazing camera to a poor [videographer], you're still going to get a poor video.” Renece Brewster, Visual Domain.

There are countless questions you could ask, but it's always good to start with experience. Just because someone has made great videos, doesn't mean they can make great real estate videos. Finding out about the work they've done in this area, and seeing examples of their property videos, can help you find the best real estate videographers out there.

Renece gives this advice. "When you're filming real estate and property, the unique difference is that you're there to sell someone's home and you're there to respect someone's home. I think any experience they've got in real estate is brilliant and if they do have experience, ask them how long they'll need to film the property."

Talk to them about the message they portray in their videos to test their knowledge, and ask what they'd do to make you stand out rather than just producing the same old videos that are being produced by real estate agents in bulk.

Renece adds, "Sometimes it's more instinct to be honest, some agents want to be in videos. If that's the case, and you're trying to find a good videographer to work with you, the chances are you're a really, really great negotiator, but you're probably not as highly skilled in front of the camera. If you're really adamant that you want to present to camera, I'd say it's more important to work with a videographer that you're comfortable with, who will help get the best from you. Someone that you can trust."

There are a whole sleuth of technical questions you can ask too, including the types of equipment they have at their disposal – things like gimbals and drones can help to get you a video that goes beyond the basics, but it's not necessarily the be all and end all.

Renece explains, "To be perfectly honest, it's less important about the equipment than it is the person you're working with. If you give a bad camera to a really good videographer, you're going to get a really beautiful video. If you give an amazing camera to a poor one, you're still going to get a poor video."

There's often a direct correlation between how professional the answers are and how much you have to pay for the videos, but as with many things in life you get what you pay for. If you want videos just because your competitors have them then you can go for a cheaper option, but if you want to stand out and give your listings an extra boost it can be beneficial to go with the more expensive, and more qualified, option.

Ways to make your real estate videos stand out

Drones can give your videos an extra edge. These don't work for all properties, but for larger homes or ones that are close to a prominent feature – such as a beach or nearby shops – that would be hard to see from the ground, a drone can help show off these aspects in an easy-to-watch way.

While many videos simply show the house, adding people and pets – essentially movement – can make a property seem more like a home. Seeing people go about their day, making dinner or using the outdoor area makes it easier for a buyer to visualise themselves in the space.

As well as showing off the features of a home, an interview with the current owners can highlight some of the best parts of a home that you can only know with experience living there. Things that they love or will miss when they move out (like a sense of community, the colour of the garden in a different season or the amount of sunlight throughout the year), things that can be hard to show off with images or video.

Renece say, "Your first five to ten seconds are the most important part of any video as that's when you're going to capture your audience. Think about what you're selling and just really try to grab their attention in that moment."

As such an important aspect of your real estate marketing, it pays to put in the effort to not only plan your video strategy, but to make sure you get the right videographer to work with you.

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